Contribution 5. March "better life without nazi-shops"

In Chemnitz, today's 5th of March was known for right-wing marches for many years, some of which were mobilized nationwide. After successful blockades and large-scale anti-fascist demonstrations in recent years, only smaller actions of right-wing actors have taken place in this city. The fact that Chemnitz was able to make headlines again and again on 5th of March with right-wing demonstrations is mainly due to the well-connected right-wing scene and the numerous Nazi real estate that serves the networking, organization, establishment and financing of the local right-wing scene. In its annual report from 2019, the Constitutional Protection lists a total of 23 such properties in Saxony, 4 of them in Chemnitz - but in reality there are many more that could be included.

Since the beginning of the year, the focus has been on an object on Frankenberger Str. The newest neo-Nazi centre in Chemnitz is located in a four-storey and dilapidated old building. In addition to rockers, young Nazis from the city also meet here. Among other things, there is an association here, which brings together organizers of right-wing rock festivals, eyewitness lectures as well as right-wing martial arts events. Furthermore, a real estate company is located in the building, which is run by Robert Andres (Pro Chemnitz and National Socialists Chemnitz). Pro Chemnitz also has a "citizens' office" and an "meeting centre" in the city centre on Brauhausstr. The latter was built at the end of 2018 after renovation work in the house and has mainly been used for smaller events such as readings. The building in Brauhausstr. is a networking centre for Pro Chemnitz, but also for other right-wing structures in our city. From here, demonstrations were planned, organized and coordinated.

Another neo-Nazi centre is located in the "Heckert Gebiet" on Markersdorfer Str. 40 in the south of Chemnitz. This building has served as a national centre for years and in the past also housed the now banned camaraderie Of National Socialists Chemmnitz and the JN, the youth organization of the NPD. In addition, the far right-wing rock label PC Records is based here. It is considered the most active right-wing rock label in Germany and already distributes songs that relativize the murders of the NSU (National Socialist Underground, a former right-wing terrorgroup) and mock the victims.

In addition to these three centres and meeting places of the right-wing scene, there are also numerous shops, which are important due to the sale of scene clothing. The Backstreetnoise in Chemnitz-Kappel and the double shop Rascal/The Clash on Limbacher Str should be mentioned here. The Thor-Steinar Shop Near the Chemnitz Brühl, on the other hand, has probably finally been closed since the beginning of the year. In addition, two restaurants or premises can be mentioned in this context, which provide room for events of the local AfD and Pro Chemnitz. In the restaurant Zur Aue, events of the AfD Chemnitz take place again and again. In addition to the AfD, Ballhaus Hilbersdorf also rents out its premises to Pro Chemnitz for their events. Both are not to be described as Nazi real estate, but they help these people by repeatedly making their premises available to those.

All these properties have in common that they create a feel-good atmosphere for the right-wing extremists who live here, in which they can meet, network and hold their events seemingly undisturbed. This feel-good atmosphere must be withdrawn from them. All these properties are a disgrace to the future European Capital of Culture!